Organization Structure

Vangelis Dimitropoulos
Konstantinos Koutsogiannis
General Manager
Konstantinos Tabazopoulos
Operational Division Manager
Spyros Hondrogiannis
Production Manager
Production Members
Active Producers - DJs

Alexander Taurunum
Demis Karagiannis XPK
Efi Hideriotou
George Makris
Haroula Marinopoulou
Ioannis Douvalis
Konstantinos Mindcrimek
Konstantinos Vouranis
Saint Del Abime
Spiros BlackCat

In order to see the Production Members Please Visit the "Producers Area"   
Producers Area
Past Members
Producers - DJs

Since 2009 we had the honor to be with us :  

Afrodite Mamali
Angelos Angelopoulos
Bill Mourikis
Dora Kamakari
George Kivrikoseos
George Labrou
Johny Demian
Manos Six with Skull & Dawn
Maria Delg
Mary Zafeiriou
Nick Ribeiro
Panagiotis Kostis & Disc Noir
Stamatis Grispos
Stelios Mastrodiamantoglou
Tasos Dimitropoulos
Thalia Makri
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