Return of The Bats (Nick Drivas)

We would like to thank Mr. Nick Drivas  that included the , to his kickass book 

to the one  Dark Scene Representatives for the decade of  00′. 


Following the release of “Release The Bats”, which recorded what took place in the local “dark” scene in its first thirty years, now comes the sequel to “Return Of The Bats”, the physical sequel to the first book, recorded by a detailed account of all that has contributed to the maintenance and evolution of the Greek Dark Stage over the past five years; difficult years, amidst economic crisis and social insecurity and turmoil, years that this stage might not have been in its place but moved and breathed with worthy white creativity. This book attempts to capture the major events that defined this scene, as well as presenting its most important representatives, each of whom contributed in his own way, putting his own piece in this multi-dimensional mosaic.





Nick Dravas was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1971.
He grew up with Anglo-Saxon standards at Brunswick Public Primary School.
The musical influences he received from his teachers varied from the Beatles and Bob Dylan to Pink Floyd.
At a young age, they pretended to be singing glam rock band Sweet!
At the beginning of the 80’s it was magnetized by songs such as Kate Bush’s “Babooshka”, Ramones ‘Rock’n’Roll High School, David Bowie’s “Ashes To Ashes” or Adam And The Ants’ Ant Music but he is also impressed with the Human League charts.  A favorite moment of the week is the screening of Count Down TV show,
expecting to watch his favorite videos and of course the new number 1. Moves to Athens in 1983.
Here the catalyst for his musical development is his contact with the punk band Stress, which he performs in the basement of his home. It is thus linked to the local underground scene and is in the future a member of three bands, Distorted Image, Starblind and Soho 6. Initially, in 1988, he formed the darkwave / gothic band Distorted Image, in which he was active until 1992.
It will take several years before he gets involved with music again due to studies and military duties. In 1998 he created the short-lived indie pop star of Starblind.  Then comes the creation of the indie alternative band Soho 6 in 2001.
Since then she has been writing articles for the Greek underground scene.
Today he belongs to the group of columnists of the online music magazine
“Release the Bats, The History of the Greek Dark Alternative Scene” and “Retun of the Bats” are his first book and second Books.