Darkwaveradio.net – Official 2018 Party and Concerts

Death Disco
Darkwaveradio.net – Official 2018 Party and Concerts
05 May
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  • Ogygou 16 & Lepenicou 24, Psirri, Athens
  • Color Temple | Gray Gallows | Skinner Box
  • Internal production - Concert

On Saturday May 5, Darkwaveradio.net invites you to his annual party, which will take place in the cozy Death Disco. Having already closed 7 years of online operation, showing new releases around the world, mainly from the domestic music scene, music news, interviews and more, on Saturday, May 5, will hold a musical “gathering” with the friends of the station and generally of the alternative music scene in Greece. From the earliest years of its operation to today, microphones and music programs have taken care of and care for people who love and specialize each one in their musical genre, in what is filled everyday and is called music.
The evening will open three beloved bands of the Greek music scene, Color Temple, who have already covered a 21-year track, followed by Gray Gallows, which will first appear in the Greek audience and finally at the Death Disco scene, with already 1 EP and 1 album in their queue, the Skinner Box will climb.
After the end of the live, 7 Djs-producers of the station will take over the musical choices of the evening, from where new releases will be heard, as well as the classic songs we have loved and danced over the years. Darkwave, Post Punk, Gothic Rock, New Wave, EBM, Dark Electro, New Retro Wave, with emphasis on domestic releases and the Greek music scene.

The doors of Death Disco will open at 21.30, and the live will begin at 22.30 exactly.