ATTRITION (experimental. industrial – UK) live

Death Disco
ATTRITION (experimental. industrial – UK) live
24 Jan
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  • Ogygou 16 & Lepenicou 24, Psirri, Athens
  • External production by "Nox Music" radio show

Their previous concert in Athens has a special emotional value for us. Besides being one of the best concerts we have seen in recent years, it was the first time a band of foreigners had gone to the stage of Death Disco! A stage that since then, in the beginning of 2013, hosted and will continue to host a few notable artists inside and outside the borders.

And this is a very special moment for us, as for the first time we have a concert with our good friends and partners from! Who chose to “bang” on the net of the show for the sake of this very popular band!

Attrition, created by Martin Bowes 30 years ago in Coventry, England, with influences from punk mentality and experimental aesthetics, was an important part of the old Industrial Scene together with bands such as Coil, Test Department, Legendary Pink Dots, In The Nursery, etc ..

They have released about 15 albums, with some of them being extraordinary, especially in the mid-80’s (The Attrition Of Reason, In The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts).

The evening will start with Denial of Service.

Tickets are  exclusively at Death Disco during the club’s days and hours of operation.





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