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Das Fluff

Tuesday, 08 January 2019
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Like unconscious thought throbbing its way to the light, Das Fluff bites the head off mainstream music. Fusing synths, theremins and guitars with the siren’s call, this sound reflects your darkest fears and desires in a mirror ball.

The combination of Das Fluff’s trademark electronics, heavy guitars and blade-like verse elicits a filthy post-punk sound, arousing a sense of unease in the belly while activating the adrenaline rush of dance or flight. Allowing the ominous depths of her psyche to become flesh, Das Fluff is the feral spawn of Dawn Lintern, an artist with an imposing on-stage presence.

Dressed for excess with eccentric costumes and a formidable rock stance, the band’s live performance is a captivating phantasmagoria lit by images projected onto the stage and worshipped by a rhythm-enslaved audience who just wanna be their dog. Dawn Lintern’s vocals are as hypnotic as a caress before a spank, as compelling as a growl becoming a roar.

Long-time collaborator, Christian Ruland, brings cutting edge creative electronic experimentation to the band’s live sound with ever-evolving combinations of media including theremins, pedals, samplers and Kaoss pads along with his distinctive projections.
Guitarist Joe Dochtermann (NY/Berlin) is taking his considerable skills to new levels of creativity, immersing himself into the collective development of Das Fluff’s adventures in sound.

Wendy Solomon, a long-term collaborator with Dawn Lintern, now joins Das Fluff on bass in the UK and Europe with her self-assured and stylish musicianship and presence.

Das Fluff have supported post-punk luminaries such as such as Viv Albertine, Lene Lovich, Toyah, Clan of Xymox and Lydia Lunch and headlined gigs around the world since 2010 in the UK, US, Germany and Asia.

Check out the website for videos and more: dasfluff.com







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