The Darkstar Calling

The Darkstar Calling

Thursday, 17 January 2019
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The Darkstar Calling is the brainchild of Mexican composer and multi-instrumentalist Mario del Río. Drawing from his over twenty years of musical creativity, in which he has alternated between hard rock/heavy metal and acoustic/folk projects, Mario has created a peculiar musical and lyrical experience that he has come to refer to as “post-apocalyptic synth rock”.
Mario has succeeded in blending together a rich rhythmic background, characteristic of the singer-songwriter genre, with powerful hard rock elements borrowed from his experience in the death-rock underground scene. The result is a musical fabric capable of conveying a wide spectrum of feelings. The musical canvas created is filled with deeply personal lyrics that walk us trough the everyday internal struggles of the artist, making the Darkstar Calling an intimate, almost autobiographic project.

The atmospheres created and the lyrical themes explored are reminiscent of artists like Nick Cave, Enrique Bunbury or Human Drama, while the melodic landscape and vocal delivery will appeal both to listeners of Peter Murphy and Deine Lakaien or to the fan of The Cure and the Sisters of Mercy.




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