Spiritual Front live in Athens

Cabaret Voltaire
Spiritual Front live in Athens
11 May
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  • 30, Marathonos, Kerameikos
  • Spiritual Front | Glimmer Void | Skull and Dawn
  • External production by "Nox Music" radio show

Nox Music proudly presents the Italian Spiritual Front in Athens on May 11 in the warm and welcoming area of ​​Cabaret Voltaire 30, Marathonos, Kerameikos.

The Spiritual Front was created in 1999 by frontman Simone ” Hellvis ” Salvatori, who with his melancholic voice and his charismatic play with his guitar travels to the swing and cabaret times. Their music is described as suicide pop, melancholic folk with experimental tango elements. The group’s work traverses a wide range of musical genres and traditions, and is considered to be extremely unique among modern neofolk. On May 11, along with songs we have all loved, we will be presenting their new album in a place where the contact between the audience and the artist will be immediate.
The first appearance of the Spiritual Front in Greece was in 2009 at the Absinthe Festival with Rome and then Simone Salvatori in solo project in 2011 with Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio at Nox Music Festival.

The concert will open our own Glimmer Void and Skull and Dawn (Ex Défilé des Âmes).

Doors Open 20:30

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your ticket will be booked and will be picked up by Cabaret Voltaire on the day of the concert with your identity.


After Party in the same place. On decks the Modern Tapes Stamatis Grispos and George Lambros.

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