King Dude (usa) | Skull & Dawn | Opening Rites: Foie Gras(usa) + Victory Collapse(gr) Live

Death Disco
King Dude (usa) |  Skull & Dawn | Opening Rites: Foie Gras(usa) + Victory Collapse(gr) Live
28 May
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  • Ogygou 16 & Lepenicou 24, Psirri, Athens
  • King Dude | Skull & Dawn | Foie Gras | Victory Collapse
  • External production by "Manos Six"

We are proud to present for the second consecutive year our brother TJ Cowgill with his demonic mantle, who hears in the name of King Dude, along with his: Skull & dawn: in the role of his band and also in the beginning of America’s coming Foie Gras and our own Victory Collapse.

~ In Songs of Shakira and Blood – In The Key of Light ~

||| King Dude |||

T.J.Cowgill began his record in 2004 with Book of the Black Earth, a blackened death metal format that produced three full albums with the finale The Cold Testament to 2011.
Having already released Tonight’s Special Death as King Dude in 2010, Folk Sound will win and continue with Love (2011), which makes him widely known with his satanic ballad “Lucifer’s The Light Of The World”.

And he will come in 2012 with his enigmatic and revealing country on “Burning Daylight” praising love and death on the verge of being, of his own personal Eden with a heavy and odd symbolic of a Luscious world that could be described by Ian Holm’s voice as he tells us, “There, Netley. I’ll tell you where we are. We are in the darkest region of the human brain. A radiant abyss where men go to find themselves. ”

2013 was a year without a new album but with great collaborations like “Spiritus Nihilus / Pagan Eyes Over German Skies” made with the exceptional atmospheric / depressive black metals from Holland Urfaust and his two collaborations with Chelsea Wolfe Sing Songs Together “And” Sing more Songs Together “with the exciting Fight Like Gods, Satan’s Ghost and Be Free.

After months of releasing his new album for 2014, “Fear” and having completed his American tour with Ghost, we welcomed him last year at Deathdisco in Athens, we glorified him who is the light of the world and we shared days that we still remember with deep emotion.

With his return to Old Epirus, with his upcoming album released on June 16th, we welcome him on a very special night with Skull & dawn: in the band’s role in a set that includes tracks from all over his career, from Tonight’s Special Death to his last album before release in June.

||| : Skull & dawn: |||
Skull & Dawn: they play americana dark folk / country music bored in bourbon, made from stories of murder and betrayal and surrounded by exuberant women in the American South.
Their course is long and full of quests. They started in 2001 as Defile des ames having a more avant garde / folk aesthetic. After a Lust ‘n’ Stone (2008), many collections and many concerts, key members decided that the circle had been closed, changing the name of the band to: Skull & Dawn: and leading the vision to the other side of the Atlantic (2010).
Staying active on all levels: Skull & Dawn: they play concerts, they write new music and are ready to share with those who want and can their stories and at the same time get into a different way about music.

||| Foie Gras |||

Foie Gras comes from the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco and describes her compositions as a solo drone soundtrack and while most of her generation shout that you ‘live only once (YOLO)’, her answer is, ‘Remember you have to die (RTYTMD) ‘. When you hear Foie Gras it’s like letting yourself be allowed to surrender to something that is both illegal, sacred and sacrosanct and shockingly rich.

Foie Gras is unobtrusively noisy and mystical, kind and gentle. Based on the guitar, there is at the crossroads of drone and Americana, like Biran Eno and Patsy Cline, devoted to endless love. “Wake up, this is where your daughters wandered.”

The frozen pieces of Foie Gras remind us that there is nothing wrong with beauty, there is nothing wrong in imagining our own death. Its powerful folk compositions speak of the acceptance of a young woman in observing life to leave.

||| Victory Collapse |||

Victory Collapse is an Athenian band with urban sound that is characterized as a collage of repetitive rhythmic rhythms and sounds with neodymium and psychedelic movements.

With clear influences from names like Pere Ubu, Cpt Beefheart, Pop Group, 13th Floor Elevators, A Certain Ratio, they were lucky to appear live alongside several bands that also influenced their nervous and restless sounds like the Fall, Savage Republic , Liars, Wire, Momus, Crystal Stilts as well as several exhibitions and concerts for special purposes.

In December 2008, their first E.P. under the title Rumors. At the same time, the video of the Brother song was shot, while in March 2009 they were selected by the English magazine Artrocker for a concert in London.

In May 2012, their first completed work, Convenience Has Poisoned Our Souls, was released in 300 copies of vinyl, as well as video clips for their songs Venus and The Need Of Expression. This is the end of the mix of their new album, expected to be released in April.

The first track was released online and called The Lightning. All releases of Victory Collapse are self-financing and independent.

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