Interview to Peter Bjärgö & Desiderii Marginis

Interview to Peter Bjärgö &  Desiderii Marginis
30 Mar
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Nox Music proudly presents Desiderii Marginis, Peter Bjargo and Empusae in Athens on March 31 at The Hitirion  Theater.

Swan Johan Levin is the man hiding behind the dark ambient Desiderii Marginis. It began in 1993 with limited releases ‘Consecrare’, ‘Via Peregrinus’ and ‘Triptych’ and then in 1997 became one of the Cold Meat Industry’s reigns and re-released some new tracks in the album ‘Songs Over Ruins’. “Deadbeat” 2001, ‘Strife’ 2004, ‘The Ever Green Tree’ Kaosthetik Distribution 2005, ‘That’s Tragic and Timeless’ 2005, ‘Seven Sorrows’ 2007, ‘Years Lend a Golden Charm’ Eternal Pride 2009. his latest album ‘Procession’ was released from Cyclic Law to 2012.


Peter Bowj, Dead Can Dance, Robert Rich, Popol Vuh, Ennio Morricone, Peter Bjargo, the creator of Arcana and Sophia, inspired by Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walker, John Barry, August Strindberg, Robert Johnson, Lisa Germano, Brian Eno, Arvo Pärt, TMLHBAC, Charles Baudelaire, Diamanda Galas and a bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask is coming to surprise us with his solo project. ‘Out Of The Darkling Light’, ‘A Wave Of Bitterness’ 2009 and ‘The Architecture Of Melancholy’ 2011 by Cyclic Law will be a reason to travel on March 31 under the lights of the Theater Foundry.


Empusae, a Belgian project, Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe, that some of us were fortunate to see him in May 2012 unfortunately under difficult circumstances (elections, episodes in the center, etc.), but we still have the opportunity to enjoy and listen to their experimental dark ambient, tribal electronics, industrial sounds. It started in 2002 with the album ‘Funestus’, ‘Ritual Decay’ 2003, ” Error 404: Metaphorical Loss ” (favorite) 2005, ‘The Hatred Of Trees’ 2008, ‘Empusae & Shinkiro – Organic.Aural.Ornaments’ 2011 and the ‘Symbiosis’ blockbuster 2012 with terrific performances such as Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Arcana, Nick Gray and In Slaughter Natives. He is also an active member of This Morn ‘Omina, Tzolk’in, Project Arctic and In Slaughter Natives.


The evening will open to the Greek project “To Travel Without Any Certain Destination”. It is a project of Manou Chrysovergi (Last Days of s.x./Libido Formandi / Black Spring) oriented towards a dark urban exotic soundtrack, with visuals of decadent landscapes by Alexandros Synodinos and Vangelis Tsakas. Having released his first album on American Signifier and a piece in the Emerging Organisms collection of Tympanik, he completes his second limited vinyl on the Russian Sealt.





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